While we are confident in our customer services, we consider Change, Trust and Feedback to be our cardinal cirtue

We have the responsibility for cur customers, employees and their families belonging to their societies.

Our future depends on the employees's knowledge, flexible ideas, accumulation od technical references, teamwork and members' loyalty to company.

We create profit through our all services amd products that our customers need.

Meanwhile, we execute our motto through Book Reading Management

By prociding the best quality products at the Right Time, Right Place and a Reasonable Price to meet the customers' needs, we contribute to optimizing machineries and devices of our customers.

By 2019, we, CapeLine, will be top ranking Company amongst the same industries through positive competition.

Cape Line Ltd
Address : 13, Yerim-gil, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan, Korea
Tel : 82 (0)51 582 9090   Fax : 82 (0)51 582 9091   E-mail :
Business Registration Number : 621-81-61083   President : Kim Jongsoon